Today’s feature is about Introbiz member – TourniGLO. TourniGLO Ltd is a start up company that focuses on medical innovation. The first, of many products to be launched is the tourniglo and it will be the only branded phlebotomy tourniquet with a built in torch in the world. This tourniglo is envisaged to become a vital part of hospital resuscitation trolleys, home emergency kits and also first line equipment for Fire Fighters, Police and Paramedics.


tourniglo 300x47 - Introducing TourniGLO


Tourniglo is a tourniquet, invented by plastic surgeon, Dr Stratos Sofos. His “eureka” moment came whilst on a routine ward round as a junior surgeon, when there was a need for a light source to examine a patient and one could not be found. The combined tourniquet-torch was born and a long journey from concept to materialisation ensued.

In June 2015, Alexander Tsigaridas, Design Engineer BSc (HONs), joined tourniGLO Ltd as a co-founder and executive director. He started as a product designer but later developed a multitasking, multilevel role within the company. He has been instrumental in the financial planning, project management and further development of the product, as well as the initial UK and international sales.

The tourniglo is an internationally multi-award winnining product for both innovation and design featured on the BBC and the Liverpool Echo for its accolades.


If you’d like to find out more information about TourniGLO and their products and services, please contact Alexander Tsigaridas at