£2.73 Club - From Zero To Millionaire Seminar Announced

Wealth, Financial Independence and Dream Lifestyle are all within your reach with the skills you’ll learn at our From Zero to Millionaire Seminar.

Learn from 5 experts who will share with you the simple steps that can transform your life.

Rob Warlow – Business Loan Services, will help you rebuild a poor credit rating and teach you how to use credit cards the right way.

Ben Hollingsworth – Symphony Properties, has spent his entire life around property. He will share with you ways to build a property portfolio with little or no money

Tony Thomas – Chartered Financial Planner and IFA shares his tips on SIPP’s. (Self-Invested Pension Plans), and how they can help you build for the future. He also discusses releasing money from your pension for commercial property investing.

Peter Rowlands – Director of the £2.73 Club will take you through his financial journey and provide tips on Share Trading Strategies

Karen Newton – Founder of the £2.73 Club will share with you her journey to financial independence. How she borrowed £300 on a credit card and turned it into £10 Million.

Plus hear the stories from some of the £2.73 Club members and how they have changed their lifestyle and the dreams they are working towards.

No one needs to struggle financially. A few simple skills and strategies can change your life forever.


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