Untitled design 47 - Volunteering Opportunities With The Cranfield Trust In Wales

Volunteering has been a hot topic on the political agenda in recent years. With the launch of the Welsh government’s policy, ‘Supporting Communities, Changing Lives’, and the rise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) many business leaders are recognising the benefits of their employees volunteering.

A recent survey published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), showed a trend towards skills based volunteering. This is good news for the Cranfield Trust, as they rely on skilled volunteers to support their work. For nearly 30 years the Trust has been uniting skilled business volunteers from the commercial sector with charities supporting people in need.

The Cranfield Trust https://introbiz.co.ukwww.cranfieldtrust.org/ is national charity and a leading provider of pro bono management consultancy support for the voluntary sector. Their remit for consultancy projects is to support organisations addressing issues of poverty, disability and social exclusion.

Every year their network of over 1,000 highly skilled volunteer management consultants share their knowledge and experience with charities, by providing independent advice and support on everything from business planning to charity governance, finance, HR, IT and marketing.

They’re currently looking to recruit new volunteers to work with charities and non-profit organisations in South Wales to work on specific projects in the areas of business and financial planning, marketing, PR, Digital, and HR
Volunteering time input (face to face and/or remote) ranges from 2 – 12 days in total on projects typically lasting between 3 and 6 months. Projects are specified to fit around the volunteers’ work and personal commitments, rather than taking solid blocks of time.

Most of their volunteers report how much they learn from their projects – about managing resources, motivating people, and simply achieving a lot with very little. Their help is highly valued by the client charities, and their feedback reminds them of the huge contribution charities make to social problems that affect us all.

If you are a skilled management professional, confident operating as an independent management consultant or adviser, The Cranfield Trust would love to hear from you. Please contact jayne.kendall@cranfieldtrust.org in Cardiff for more information.