It’s important that consumers can recognise your brand, and that it’s one they can trust. For any business raising brand awareness to reach more customers is essential, and if you’re starting a new company you will have to work hard to promote it via marketing strategies and other useful techniques. Below are a few useful tips that will help you to increase your brand awareness and engage customers.

Stay Active

You should always keep your business website updated, as well as any social media accounts you’re using to promote your brand. If potential customers click on your website link and see outdated information, or that your last site blog post was from over a year ago, they will assume that your business is no longer active, or at the very least, is not active enough to be considered reliable. The same goes for your social media accounts, which is why sharing content with your followers regularly is so important. Aim to tweet or post something relevant to your business, whether it’s announcing a new product, blog post, or an article that your followers might find interesting, 3-4 times a week across your various platforms to show that you’re still active. You can even boost your posts for a fee to reach a wider audience and increase your brand awareness.

Outsource Marketing

Even if you have a dedicated marketing team employed in-house, outsourcing some of your marketing to external agencies could be beneficial. Not only can this help you save on your long-term overhead costs and make your marketing team’s workload easier, but using a marketing agency could also allow your brand access to different platforms that an internal team might not have. For example, Click Intelligence is a specialist digital marketing agency that helps businesses with link building, content writing, SEO, etc., and can promote your brand subtly across a range of online platforms that are relevant to your business, helping your reach a wider customer base and increase your websites traffic and sales.


Networking is also a key part of promoting your business brand, as well as yourself as a professional. These events are an opportunity to spread the word about your company and can lead to possible collaborations with other businesses. Furthermore, they’re a great way to meet other professionals who you may want to consider as a candidate for a position in your company, or who can help to promote your brand to their followers via their platforms.

Offer Deals

Offering potential customers samples of your products to try for free or at a reduced price is another great technique to raise brand awareness. Often people are tentative to spend money on a brand they don’t know, so these incentives work well to get them to take a chance on your products. You should also think about rewarding your loyal customers, too, as the better treatment they get from your brand, the more they will recommend you to their friends.

Building brand awareness is something all businesses need to focus on, even if they’re already big names in the industry. If you want to get people to notice your business and start trusting your brand, use the tips above to help you achieve your goals.