One of the UK’s top entrepreneur’s and star of BBC’s The Apprentice –Lord Sugar has decades worth of experience as a top businessman from founding Amstrad in 1968 to becoming a billionaire by 2015. Due to his successes, he has extensive business insight and knowledge and knows what it takes to be successful.

Introbiz are so delighted to have such an inspiring businessman as our headline speaker at Wales’ National Business Exhibition 2018. He will be doing a live Q&A at ‘A private audience with Lord Sugar’. Find out more and book your tickets here.

Below are some business golden nuggets from the one and only Lord Sugar!


  • Having a good worth ethic is very important!

Everyone within a business should have a good work ethic to ensure that the business can function to the highest standard it can. Many characteristics/factors show good work ethic such as reliability, dependability, productivity, teamwork, self-discipline and more!


  • Build relationships

Lord Sugar believes that business is built on relationships and are essential to becoming successful. Ensure that you network with everyone you come across to build long-lasting business relationships whether this is through social media platforms such as LinkedIn or networking events. Take a look at our networking events, here.


  • Knowledge is key

Having extensive knowledge of the business industry and your specific sector is extremely important to ensure that your business can compete with competitors and being aware of new trends within the industry.

It is important to see how your business compares within the same industry specifically financially as Lord Sugar believes; ‘even just having a basic understanding of a company’s credit rating and financial status can alert you to potential issues and arm you with the knowledge you need to form a more secure relationship, based on trust and transparency’


  • Be honest and transparent

People will respect you much more if you’re honest and transparent with your intentions and your business. Be transparent with those who use your service and those you partner with, this will in time allow people to trust you more and build stronger relationships.


Lord Sugar says, ‘Make it easy for those you do business with to understand what they are getting and what to expect and you’ll be in a much stronger position to work together effectively.’


  • Build a strong team

Ensuring your team or those who you partner with are strong team players and have the right knowledge to take on responsibilities for certain aspects of the business where you may be lacking in or haven’t got the time to oversee. Lord Sugar says, ‘Sometimes you need partners who are competent in areas of the business that you’re not good at.’


If you’d like to ask Lord Sugar himself a question, why not attend ‘A private audience with Lord Sugar’ at the Introbiz Expo on the 22ndNovember 2018. Book your place now.