A Car Company with a difference


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There is now a Car Company in South Wales with a real difference having 3 options under one roof. Based in Cwmbran, Your Car Group have put together a customer friendly set up where they can cater for all aspects of the vehicle buying process. The 2 Directors, Jamie and James have used their combined 40 years’ experience in various roles in the motor industry to come up with a genuine one stop shop for customers. As their website will show, a customer can choose whether to look at a range of hand picked used car stock, see what deals are available on a new car whether being bought or leased, or simply to use their finance brokerage to fund a vehicle they have found elsewhere.

Car finance to suit you

Whether you are looking at funding a vehicle you have found elsewhere or simply want to refinance your existing deal at a more competitive rate, Your Car Group stand by their slogan of “No Fee, Hassle Free”. Admin fees or arrangement fees are not something they believe a customer should pay and therefore will never have these on any of their agreements as they are usually hundreds of pounds. Having successfully negotiated exceptional customer packages from a multitude of finance providers, there is confidence in both the product and service they provide, and as many of their previous customers can attest to, it really is so simple to get a great deal and not pay unnecessary fees to the finance company.

New and Lease deals

With manufacturer relationships that include VW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and Aston Martin to name just a few, Your Car Group have access to incredible discounts on new cars due to the commitments they have made with them. This includes some amazing deals for customers who are looking to lease a vehicle instead of simply buying them outright and can be arranged very easily.

Hand-picked stock

Kept in their indoor showroom, Your Car Group have a selection of hand picked used cars that are all fully inspected and signed off by their mechanics before they are available for the public to have. There is always a varied range of vehicles as the business is aware that customers have very different requirements when looking for a used vehicle. The one thing in common though is that they are all very well maintained and are fully prepared before leaving.

Having spent 10 years as a Regional Manager with both independent and manufacturer finance companies, Jamie has a firm grasp of how to get the best deal for a customer. When asked what his top tip is for a customer when looking at finance he replied, “Always remember the finance is a separate product from the vehicle itself, and never ever take a finance agreement where there are administration or arrangement fees included”.

With both a new and used car business background behind him, James understands what a customer is looking for when they want to change their vehicle and how to get the best deal for them. He has also used his excellent relationships with manufacturers to set up contracts to provide new vehicles for customers at heavily discounted prices. His advice when asked how a customer can get excellent discounts on new cars was simple, “Main franchise dealers will often offer larger discounts when there are multiple vehicles being ordered, so we get larger discounts as we provide more orders for them”.

The team at Your Car Group are always on hand to offer their expertise and advice to customers to help them get the best deal available to them. As all their positive reviews confirm, they really do know how to look after a customer well and provide exemplary service. So, combine this with the way they have set their business up, maybe they really are what their logo says – “The Vehicle and Finance Experts”.

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