Today’s feature is putting the spotlight on Introbiz member, Technical Marketing & PR. Technical Marketing & PR is a specialist marketing team based near Cardiff. Founded in 2011 by Louise Matthews, the business focuses on four main industry sectors: construction, engineering, manufacturing, and technology.

Working with small and medium sized businesses to FTSE 250 multi-nationals, Technical Marketing & PR delivers hard hitting PR and marketing campaigns with a competitive edge to achieve their clients’ business goals.

Technical Marketing & PR offers the following services:

PR | In a world with a 24-hour news cycle, PR has never been so important for businesses. Technical Marketing & PR has built strong working relationships with key trade journalists and influencers that have helped our clients gain positive media coverage in the UK and beyond.

Copywriting | Innovative copywriting can attract new customers and positive attention to your business. We offer copy in traditional print, as well as modern media and digital formats. We have produced comprehensive copy for everything from websites, corporate brochures and literature, annual reports, the list goes on.

Social Media | Social Media is now a major marketing and communications channel that is vital to gain an advantage over competitors. Technical Marketing & PR develops a firm’s digital footprint, helping to achieve wider sales and marketing objectives.


Your Virtual Marketing Manager


For businesses that are outside of the core industries, Technical Marketing & PR’s sister company, Your Virtual Marketing Manager, is the solution. Your Virtual Marketing Manager offers to help with your marketing strategy and implementation on both a short term and long-term basis, without having to increase internal head count. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, creating big results without the big price tag which makes marketing experts accessible for start-up businesses too.

Louise Matthews, founder of both Technical Marketing & PR and Your Virtual Marketing Manager, added: ‘Our two specialist marketing companies offer a service that is suitable for all businesses, no matter industry size or type. What makes our companies standout is their flexibility to suit our clients’ needs, as we want to act as a seamless member of their business that will help achieve their targets.’

If you’d like to find out more about Technical Marketing & PR or Your Virtual Marketing Manager, please contact us on the following:

Technical Marketing & PR

T: 01446 731180


Tw: @Technical_PR

Your Virtual Marketing Manager

T: 08458621076