Today’s feature is about one of Introbiz’s newest members, Otium Partners! Otium specialise in financial consultancy and lifestyle management. They use their vast knowledge and expertise as trusted advisors to wealthy clients to help coordinate and manage their finances and lifestyle efficiently.

Otium logo - Introducing Otium Partners

Otium Partners have a range of services from business concierge (virtual PA), client concierge (businesses throughout the UK who wish to offer a concierge service to their clients), employee concierge (provide services to your employees to improve business and efficiency), private concierge, debt advisory (support borrowing needs), living abroad (ensuring that your move abroad is as stress-free as possible), financial consultancy (arranging finances, long-term financial planning) and home & property (managing and co-ordinating your properties).


Director and co-founder Katie Moss, said ‘We set up Otium Partners to give our clients time, the one thing you cannot create more of. During our busy banking careers, we quickly identified that our clients are often too busy or do not have the inclination to deal with a range of tasks, from the most complex to the more routine.


It became apparent to us that there is a role required for us to assist our clients with the areas that lack attention or that need assistance; whether that be lifestyle, financial, business, home & property or all of these areas. We act as trusted advisor to our clients and co-ordinate their lives and we are as involved as our clients require.’


Otium Directors, Katie Moss and Jeff Durant
Otium Directors, Katie Moss and Jeff Durant


If you’d like to find out more information about Otium Partners and their services, please contact them on 0292 176 3750 or at Keep up to date with Otium Partners on Twitter and Linkedin.