Revs Graphic 1 - Introducing 40-20

40-20 Learning and Development is a leading provider of coaching, training, learning and development solutions.

They design and deliver a comprehensive range of training, development programmes and coaching for businesses of all sizes and people of all levels across the UK.

They work with businesses to help them create a culture which allows people to realise their potential. A high-performance business needs high-performing people and a collaborative culture in order to succeed.

They help businesses grow by helping the people grow. After all, it’s the people working in the business who are largely responsible for how successful it is.

Their holistic approach helps you understand where the problems are in your organisation and how we can help you solve them. It might be that your culture isn’t right, teams are dysfunctional or that the leaders need coaching to help them get the best of their people. Whatever people development needs you have they will have a solution to help your people grow and your business grow.

Officially part of the Introbiz family, make sure to introduce yourself to them at your next event.

Visit their website or contact them today on 01545 560706 to release the potential in your business.