This week’s FeatureTuesday is all about Graham
Morgan, a Business Doctor in his own right!

Graham Morgan - FeatureTuesday - Troubleshoot Your Business with Business Doctors

Business Doctors work hard to support successful owners of medium-sized businesses, by giving advice, guidance and offering their expertise to take their business to the next level. Many consultants are expensive and impersonal but this is where Business Doctors is different. They have dedicated and hardworking consultants who work throughout the UK to assist businesses. Our Cardiff consultant is Graham!

He is a trouble shooter advisor to a range of SMEs. His driving force is helping individuals and teams to achieve their true potential. He’s been working in the industry for a number of years and has been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic people and businesses throughout his long career.

Graham has tremendous experience in commercial and business banking, but has worked across many markets. He works to create and deliver practical solutions for owners who are developing their strategic business plans. He gives his clients the determination, confidence, belief and creativity to fulfil their vision and to succeed. His specialist areas of support include strategic planning, business development and GDPR/data protection, so if you need any further guidance on any of these, Graham would be more than happy to help.

Graham said; “I have been delighted to work with some fantastic business owners during my 30 years in banking, five years as Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Wales, and more recently, under the Business Doctors banner. Every business us different and I have been able to build a knowledge and experience very few can match.”

To get in touch with Graham and to see how he can give you the tools and belief to transform your business and to encourage your hard work into fruition. You can email him at or call 07590 900415.