Trevor Short

I love meeting new people and have especially enjoyed getting to know Tracey and Paul. Life and business are all about relationships and they understand this. Introbiz, which they founded, runs hundreds of networking events each year, both in-person and online, giving members the opportunity to connect with tens of thousands of new business leaders and entrepreneurs. You NEVER know when a new relationship, will change your life forever. I have known Paul and Tracey for less than a year and I can tell that they have changed my life forever. Their passion and energy for life are so infectious. Every conversation starts with “How are you Trev?” Always first checking on me before anything else. Love it! There isn’t one conversation we have, where we aren’t trying to connect the dots, introduce each other to new people or just trying to find ways to enhance each other’s businesses.

Trevor Short – President of NeckerCup and Owner of Premier Live Events