David Davies

When the Coronavirus lockdown started in March, Introbiz were very quick to move their Networking Meetings online and to make them Free for Members. As early as the 27th March they started their key speaker meetings first by  Sharon Lechter, followed by Peter Wilcox. These Key speaker meetings have been amazing. Members have an incredible opportunity for interaction with the speakers. I have personally talked with Peter Wilcox, Jairek Robbins, Anil Gupta, Bob Burg, Brian Tracy and others I can’t remember at the moment.

Other groups do the key Speakers as webinars with only written comment interaction. Introbiz allows us to talk to the Speakers. The weekly power group meetings are also excellent and having 5 minutes to talk about your business has allowed us to share information of real value to members. I would recommend anybody to join Introbiz and to participate in the online sessions.

David L Davies Business Growth Expert