Month: January 2021.

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Introbiz Member Offer: Is your body like a computer that just needs de-gausing to work much, much better? Help is at hand!

20% Discount on all functional medicine packages for Introbiz members  As business owners, we all strive to be the successful bread-winner who supports our families, we help our clients achieve their goals and ambitions and maybe we even help charities who depend on our success.  With so many people depending upon our …
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Introbiz Experience – Richard Branson Birthday Cruise

July 12th – 14th July  2 night stay at the Mandarin Oriental  Pre dinner meeting 1 hour before each evening  13th July Mastermind 10am – 6pm July 18th – 20th July  2 night stay at Mandarin Oriental  Pre dinner meeting 1 hour before each evening  July 18th Mastermind 10am – 4pm July 19th Mastermind 10am – 2pm and …
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Boosting productivity and resilience in your business in the current pandemic

The current pandemic has forced many small businesses to focus on business survival above anything else. Wellbeing may not seem like an important topic at the moment but being actively engaged in improving the health and wellbeing of your staff can help you build a strong, resilient workforce ready to face the challenges …
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